Author’s Note

The book has been written in the form of a fictional story of a young boy who is indifferent towards those less fortunate than him (much like the youth today) and after noticing the same, his grandfather enrols him in a nearby school for the blind. The boy starts teaching at the school and instead of him teaching the children, it is he who learns from the students and develops an empathetic outlook.  The lectures and learning of the protagonist of the story reflect my own experiences when I taught visually impaired students.

 “Ajinkya has been very candid and honest in expressing his “Wednesdays,” revealing his humbling experience in this small book. He successfully inspired the visually impaired students and made English as a friendly language for them. One could not but be profoundly impressed by the clarity of his mind and the simple good sense and logic with which he addressed and solved seemingly difficult problems faced by these visually impaired children. I am deeply impressed by his transparent sincerity and gentle reasonableness in handling these innocent children. The book should help the reader to stretch his own thoughts and try to be a part of this visually impaired community.  I am sure, Ajinkya has the drive to convert his vision into reality. “

Mr. Gopi Mayur
Hon. General Secretary
National Association For The Blind
(Unit Maharashtra), Nashik, India. 

Is it necessary to clear the CA examinations in the first attempt and possibly also secure a rank to make a name as a reputed and in-demand chartered accountant?

Is it necessary to complete Articleship only from a large and reputed firm to succeed in charted accountancy as a career?

You Can Be a Successful Charted Accountant addresses, through the example of Mr. Krishna Kumar, such common questions and doubts that concern any aspiring Chartered Accountant to encourage, motivate and celebrate his decision of becoming a Chartered Accountant

 “The Book offers invaluable lessons to the young and growing tribe of aspiring Chartered Accountants; It traverses despair, broken confidence to instant change in emotions and confidence, and ultimately an achievement and motivation, which makes failure at examinations a non-event. 

CA Shailesh Haribhakti

 “Ajinkya has done a wonderful job of addressing key doubts in the minds of aspiring Chartered Accountants through the example of a fictitious story of CA Krishna Kumar. The unique tale of a firm which only hires CAs who have taken multiple attempts to clear their exams is very thought provoking. I have enjoyed and found myself inspired after reading the book, and would definitely recommend any CA student to thoroughly go through this book   “

CA T. P. Oswal